Our Services



 Spokespersons learn the skills needed to properly convey company messages, handle tough media interviews and take control of the interview process.  Sessions are taped and critiqued and each trainee receives a customized reference package. The training includes: 

  • Overview of media, public relations and spokesperson's respective roles; 
  • Development and use of key messages; 
  • Tips on handling interviews and public appearances; 
  • Differences between "live" and "taped" interviews, print, television, on line and radio; 
  • How to effectively handle today's social media environment; 
  • Practical training and assessment through taping and role-playing; 
  • Comprehensive and customized reference binder covering techniques learned during the session. 



Executives face a variety of communication opportunities that can sometimes be challenges -- corporate meetings, speeches before industry groups, public hearings, presentations and more.  

Working one-on-one:

  • Sessions are personalized to meet individual's needs and timetable; 
  • The skills needed are outlined based on your specific requirements;  
  • Presentations are prepared, taped and critiqued;
  • Each participant receives customized materials.



Key messages describe who you are, what you do, and what you want the audience to remember about you or the organization you represent.  

An effective key message must be:

  • Easy to remember, for you and the audience;
  • Appropriate for the audience, so they can understand your message and how it relates to them; 
  • Truthful and believable. 

Short-term and long-term key messages are developed through brainstorming sessions and group discussions.  The messages are fine-tuned to address specific stakeholders and business/communications objectives.